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"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Piqued and Pensive

We're so excited to announce our creative collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer Nina - or as she chooses to describe herself - Piqued and Pensive (find her on Instagram @piquedandpensive)! Her watercolour works are dreamy and whimsical, just what we were looking for in providing unique and beautiful wall art.

Her art, has always been a form of self-expression. From schoolbook doodles to serving as an Art Director in an advertising agency, Nina has never stopped illustrating.

A saying she holds dear to her heart comes from psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott. "Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide." True to those words, Nina finds that her best pieces are produced when a powerful emotion—usually a melancholic one—is driving her creative process.

Nina describes her style as whimsical, emotive, and organic, while others say it is ethereal with a slightly dark edge. Her favourite art medium? Watercolour—hands down. "It never comes out entirely as planned; it has a life of its own. When I paint in watercolour, I frequently panic over splashes, too much water, etcetera. But in the end, I'm never disappointed by the way my piece looks." Those 'mistakes', she adds, give her artwork more character and detail, and likens the experience to life.

Nina also specializes in brand identity, print design, and graphic design. When not designing or illustrating, she can usually be found reading, sipping tea, or petting a cat.

We can't wait to offer her watercolour works and floral letterings for sale! You will be able to buy individual letters to spell out words of your choice. How's that for personalizing your own art?

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