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Announcing: Collaboration with Gemma Capdevila

At first sight, Gemma Capdevila's artwork (see more of her works on Instagram, @capdevila_gemma) gives off the feeling that you're in a visual wonderland. Starry night skies, muted hues and ocean-themed illustrations are enough to satisfy one's longing for an out-of-this-world experience.

Gemma tells us about her sources of inspiration with beautiful imagery:

"The forest and the sea really arouse my curiosity, especially at night. The night spreads like a blanket above the trees, the mountains, the oceans and covers the lives of all the creatures that have their shelter there. It keeps and protects their secrets. A place that seems so hostile and cold to us, it is a home for them. They live there and sleep peacefully at night. They are wild, visceral, tribal, pure, but at the same time, they possess immeasurable tenderness.

All this is invisible to our eyes. I am captivated by their secret lives, which I know nothing about. I am captivated by their speedy shadow under the moon, by their fugitive noise between the branches, their fleeting reflection right on the light that separates the sky and the sea. I am an illustrator and I fill everything my eyes can't see with my imagination.

I believe that loving nature is an instinct we should never lose. After all, life is wild, but we keep trying to domesticate it.

I first started drawing like everyone: from the first time I held a pencil in my hands, I simply have never stopped doing it since then."

Well, that explains why Gemma's work is so mystical and full of imaginative elements. I am learning so much along the way as I get to know more artists and illustrators from all around the world. Gemma has definitely made me think harder about conservation and the environment, too. I think she should start writing as well! It's an honor to have her contribute and collaborate with Kismet Decals.

I can't wait to see where her inspiration takes her next!

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