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Announcing: Collaboration with Cécile Metzger

With happy smiles, we welcome the lovely Cécile Metzger into the Kismet Decals artist community. She creates quirky and adorable illustrations (find her on Instagram @coucou_illustration), enough to warm anybody's heart. Her detailed color pencil work impressed us and for that, we're so glad Cécile decided to share her work with Kismet Decals.

Cécile hails from a tiny town in France ("it's very close to the Swiss border", she says) and is only 22 years young. We'll let her introduce herself further:

"I did not study any art at the university - I was too scared to jump into this world right after high school - so I actually got a Literature degree. But I must say it was always a bit frustrating not to have as much time as I wanted to work on my drawings. So, after I graduated, I decided to go all out and focus more on illustrating; who knows, it could work! Right now, it's been just over a year that I've started drawing more, but I am very happy, and really hope one day I could live only making illustrations!

I post my illustrations on social media under the name 'Coucou Illustrations'. “Coucou” is a French word I always use to say "Hi". It is a bit childish, but I love it! I find it kind, and warm, and comforting. I really wanted my illustrations to evoke this feeling of friendliness and happiness, so I decided to use this name.

Usually, my drawings are made of faded colors, simple shapes and patterns. One of my main goals when I draw, is to try to show that little things around me – everyday life objects, people passing by in the streets – are beautiful and interesting, and try to imagine the story behind each of them.

Inspiration and beauty is everywhere, and I think illustration is such a nice way to pay attention to it and take time to look at little details closer. I hope my drawings could make people happy, just as I feel when I’m working on them!"

We're pretty excited to be able to offer Cécile's illustrations as wall decals. It's our little way of sharing good art with people all around the world.

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