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How To Style Your Stairs

Staircases are the most essential part of having a house that has more than one floor. It also happens to be the most underrated feature and has huge potential when it comes to decorating. While most may not agree with me, I truly believe that styling your stairs is every bit as important when it comes to styling your home, especially during the holidays and for events. I have experimented with different ways to style my stairs, and let me tell you that after you do as well, youll grow a new-found appreciation for them too!  

Lets start with more permanent fixtures on staircases like titles. I absolutely love mismatching titles and think that doing it on a staircase just gives it so much character.  Also, it saves a lot of time, effort and money in the long run as you won't need to change it up on a regular basis for a face lift. There are tons of designs to pick and choose from, so youll definitely be spoilt for choice. From classic one toned colours, to marble effects, to iridescent tones and my personal favouritepatterned tiles. You're given the freedom to play around with not just colour schemes but also motifs to create a unique look, giving life to your otherwise basic staircase.  


There's nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix and this rings true to almost everything in your home. The staircase is no exception. Painting your steps will transform it incredibly. For a more delicate and subdued look, opt for pastel tones, or try an ombre look to give it some depth.   

Stencil stairs are a great way to add character to otherwise normal staircases. If you want something less permanent, decals would be a great option as they can be applied and removed so easily and without damaging your stairs. Also, with decals you can go wild with themes, add quotes, and even images. Another look that decals and stencils can give your stairs is similar to the tiled-look I talked about earlier. Treat the blank stairs as a canvas and make a statement with your artistic taste!  

Adding lights or a light source always works wonders too! You can opt for something built-in either along the sides of the stairway wall or on the stairs itself. The choice is ultimately yours depending on how bright or dim you want the lighting to be. A brighter light source will give a very clean and sharp look, while dimmer lights give a more relaxed and cozy look. A cheaper and easily removable alternative is using fairy lights. Do keep in mind that if you have kids and pets, this may not be the safest choice.  

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