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How To Make A Beautiful Outdoor Space On A Balcony


The outdoors of most homes generally are already very beautiful. The bright warm sunshine, the cool breeze and of course, nature and space in abundance. However for some, the outdoors mean the balcony of the apartment, which isnt a lot of space unfortunately. Here's where the imagination takes over and promises you possibilities in abundance, at least thats how I look at it. Having lived in an apartment with a small and quaint outdoor area, I created a beautiful outdoor space with the limited room given. Want to make the most of your balcony area and turn it into an area that you could show off to your friends and family, or just one you'd love to spend time on? I've some ideas!   

First things first: furniture! In order to actually spend time on the balcony, you'll need a comfortable place to sit. Keep in mind the size of your balcony plays a role in what type of furniture you need to buy. Compact furniture, or chairs that are easily folded are ideal for small balconies. Also remember that if your balcony doesn't have a proper cover, rain may be an issueOpt for furniture thats water resistant to be safe 

With the furniture, you'll need some pillows and blankets for that cozy and comfort factor. Pick a colour palette you want to work with and plan your add ons and decorations according to it. I like sticking to basics when it comes to furniture, like wood and whites and then adding a pop of playful colour with bold coloured pillows. Rugs and mats are also a great add on for character and a sense of style to your balcony space.  

Give your eyes a rest from the concrete jungle and buy yourself some beautiful potted plants. There's something soothing about the greenery that plants provide in any space. Instead of just regular plants to beautify the balcony, you can also grow your own herb garden which means you get to use fresh products when you cook too! Creepers also make a great alternative to potted plants, though you may need to take care of them properly and trim them to stop them from overgrowing 

There's something about fairy lights that immediately add an element of magic and warmth to any space. Get outdoor friendly lights to use on your balcony. Warm lights are best as they create a cosy atmosphere effortlessly. String them around your railings or arrange them in a manner of your choice to create the illusion you want for your space. Either way, you can't go wrong with fairy lights.  

Want to create a zen effect? A water feature is a must for this! The calming sounds of water falling and flowing can immediately put your mind at ease. You can opt for small fountain-like feature or even ones with statues in them. I have one with a Buddha and it really makes such a statement. 

The outdoors are a perfect excuse for wind chimes and sun catchers! Add some decorations that aren't overwhelming or take up much space. Chimes are great for those who like soft tinkling sounds to accompany them, and alternatively sun catchers are great for capturing light and reflecting bits of it like sparkles around your balcony space.   

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