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How To Add Colour To A Room Without Trying Too Hard

Most times, it’s easiest to stick to the basics and keep your home in monochromatic tones, especially if you happen to be living in a rented place that doesn't allow you to repaint the place in fresher colours. This doesn't mean you have to live in black and white, especially if you're a fan of colour to begin with. There's so many other ways to add colour and life to a home than with just a coat of paint, and I know exactly how you can do it effortlessly, without spending a fortune. Need some rainbow and sunshine in your home space? Keep reading.




Go big or go home! If you happen to be a fan of art, get yourself a huge art piece (the more colours, the better) and put it up on the wall to add the pop of colour you so badly want. Even better, pick up a canvas and go wild with the colours, unleashing your inner Picasso. This instantly adds colour and depth to an otherwise mundane room. Easy peasy!




A great way to add colour, texture and details would be with wall hangings. From simple pieces such as dreamcatchers and other hanging art, to bigger work like tapestry, fill up your wall space with funky designs that not only give you a touch of character but allow you to play with colours too.




My favourite way to add detail to anything is by using throw pillows. From solid, bold colours, to soft pastel hues, there's so many looks that can be created! The best part is it’s so easy to change and you can always switch it up when you get bored. Also, little details on pillows such as pom poms or tassels are another perfect way to add colour.




What could be a better way to add much needed colour into a space then by big drapes of fabric suspended in front of your windows? Curtains are such a fun way to ensure your room has colour. With so many different types of styles and patterns, there’s no end to the styles you can choose from.  




Plants and flowers give immediate life (literally!) to any home. Not limited to just greenery, plants are a great way to add colour without having to try so hard. Besides, who doesn't love a vase of fresh blooms to brighten up their space?




Thrift items, recycled furniture, dollar store finds - all these make for great things to DIY with and create colourful pieces with a little help of spray paint. Wooden chairs, display plates, old vases, plastic animal toys - if you can spray paint it, you already got yourself a decor piece.






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