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Gorgeous Pastel Room Inspirations

There's something that fairytale-esque and beautiful about pastel rooms, it's almost like something out of a dream. It brings me back to my childhood and thinking of tulle, cotton candy and baby blue skies. No longer a palette used only for little girls rooms or a nursery, pastels have made their way into the mainstream home and living decor scene, creating a huge impact to how we see these subtle, light colours. When used correctly, pastels truly can transform a room into something quite magical. Don't believe me? Just look at these stunning rooms for more inspiration. You're bound to want to incorporate some pastels into your home right after!


Doors are often overlooked as staple decor in homes, mostly due to them being in either wooden rustic tones or something off white, cream or white that doesn't demand attention. This beautiful pale flamingo pink door really makes a statement without really having to try too hard. This also creates a contrast against the white walls and light greyish blue velvet sofa, giving you a soft and charming look to the entire space.





There's no doubt that greys and whites work famously well with pastel tones as they all pretty much have similar characteristics. This room plays with tones of blush and coral pink, making them the centre of attention against the greys of the room. The smart design factor of this all is the mixing and matching of textures to create depth in styling for the whole room.


Ombre tones and gradient hues are another fantastic way to incorporate the whole pastel concept. Using different pastel shades of blue, this room truly embodies a nostalgic like feel, keeping it light, fresh and easy. Not typically a room that most people have, I love that this look is easily replicated and can be done in almost any other shade desired as long as you stick to the gradient idea.


Pastels work great with brighter pops of contrasting colours too. Take this room as an example, with the yellow chair making a statement. Patterns also make a great contrasting piece. Mixing several pastel tones, then adding some pattern in similar or more monochromatic tones, and then adding a pop of colour is a great design idea.


Metallics work well with most colours, and they work wonders against pastels as well. The great part about metallic hues is that you can match silver against golds and coppers, and it still ends up looking stylish and chic. Do keep in mind not to overdo it as you want it to still look classy and chic. The shiny shades play well against the soft colours, letting it grab attention without seeming too eager.



Pastels work with rustic wooden looks too! There's something about it that screams vintage glam that really makes it a must try.

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