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Gemstone Furniture To Add The Glam

Gemstones are truly gorgeous in every way possible. From their array of tones and structures to the fact that they hold healing and cleansing properties, it's no wonder people love having them in and around their home. Designers have taken it up a notch by incorporating gemstones into furniture pieces which have become all the rave! Be it DIY or snagging extravagant designer pieces, gemstone furniture is a must for every home to add the right amount of glitz and glam to!



Gone are the days where counter tops were not considered a decor piece and merely just a place to put things such as groceries on. This labradorite countertop is a complete dream come true especially for ocean lovers. With glimmering tones of blue, green and yellow that dance and move when the light hits,I could sit and stare at this all day. If this isn't kitchen goals, I don't quite know what is!



If it's broken, fix it with a little geode! This chipped countertop could have been replaced with a brand new one but instead the designer had the genius idea of adding the crystal geode to create a glam finish to an otherwise basic countertop. It doesn't take much to make a statement piece, just the right styling and creative imagination.



Speaking of geodes, how magical does this table look?! A solid bottom of amethyst geode, a sturdy glass top that lets you to look at the bottom in awe and the vibrant purple of the geode will outshine anything else in the same space.



The easiest way to upgrade any basic furniture is by adding a little bling to it. Using geodes as drawer pulls or handles, you can create an instant look that screams luxury even when it’s done on a very minimal budget. You can also opt for mixing and matching different geode types with different crystals to create a more mythical look.



What could be a more extravagant and magnificent way to enjoy a bath than in a rose quartz bathtub? This gorgeous bathtub radiates good vibes especially for love and looks like it was made for the beautiful goddess Aphrodite herself. A dip in this looks like it could almost promise eternal youth and beauty.



I'd feel guilty about washing my hands in this gorgeous moonstone sink, propped on an equally stunning malachite countertop. I'm pretty sure I'll get over the guilt fast enough as I'd definitely feel like royalty just being able to wash my hands here.



This selenite crystal table looks like an ice sculpture made to perfection. You can also opt to add lighting below itas it'll give the table a beautiful serene glow that makes it look like something right out of a magical fairytale.

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