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Fun Lighting Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Having good lighting in your kid's room is always a bright idea. We are often told that not having sufficient light can hurt your eyes and damage it in the long run, and this is so very true. Lighting is a necessary need for any room, but that doesn't mean it has to be basic. Especially if it's for a kid's room, having something fun and creative can really change the whole outlook and atmosphere of the space. Need some inspiration? I've got you covered! These fun lighting ideas for your kid's room is everything!

Bring some outdoor fun indoors with these gorgeous cloud lights made up of cotton or synthetic wool over a light bulb or fairly lights, both of which give you a different look to it. I love how easy this is to make on your own and how cost effective it all is. The best part is your kid will totally get a kick out of it, having something that looks like it's right out of a dream that illuminates the room.

If this inbuilt roof lighting isn't goals for the room, I'm not quite sure what is! This simple yet impactful concept is really something most people would love to have (both kids and adults alike). A similar effect can be created using fairy lights though it won't look as pretty as these scattered ones that almost look like stars shining. After I saw this, I wanted to redo my own room!


Hello moon! How adorable is this moon lamp (that actually looks like a real moon) being doubled as a balloon being held up by the bear decal? I love how it was creatively incorporated into an art piece rather than just as its own standing piece. The sleepy smiley moon switched on is a perfect night light, not too dim and not too bright, indicating its time to sleep.


Theres so many fun creations and lighting styles when it comes to kids! This hot air balloon lamp is a perfect example. What I love about this is that it's so easy to make and it can be customised accordingly. All you need is a paper lantern to cover over dangling bulb lights, then add a little basket to the bottle to make it look more like a hot air balloon. Here's where your creativity comes in. You can little toys sitting in the basket, or even decorative details such as tassels and banners on the lantern itself. The options are endless.

Neon lights are no longer for just boutiques and diners but are such a fun idea for the home! Incorporate neon lights to brighten up your kids room, effortlessly.  With so many different types of designs and bright colours to pick and choose from, your options are endless. Can't find something you like? Get one custom made! Your kids will absolutely love it!

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