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Easy Ways To Declutter

I'm a firm believer in decluttering your home because a neat and clean home, helps keep you on the go with a organised mind. I wouldn't consider myself a neat freak but I do have a tendency to focus on maintaining a certain standard and level of how tidy my home should be just so it's easier to find things and even clean up. Living with a family of people with different takes on how things should be, it can get overwhelming sometimes. This is why I've developed a decluttering system to help me and everyone at home keep it simple, but also ensure it is effective. Looking for easy ways to declutter? The solutions are right here!



  1. Make a list! It's so important to know what you want and need to sort out, so a list is a perfect way to start. Things like newspapers and recycled goods should go on a weekly list, which helps you make sure you get rid of them on a specific day every week. The whole purpose it that you are reminded of when and how frequently certain tasks need to be done. It may sound tedious but it really is a good habit to get into. Once you've gotten used to it, it'll become almost second nature to you.


  1. There should be basic tasks to be done on a daily basis to ensure decluttering such as disposing of rubbish, the daily newspapers and such. Keep in mind the sooner you get it done, the better it is to get on with your day or the next day planned.



  1. Have allocated boxes for when you're about to do a major clean up. The most basic are these; keep, donate, sell, recycle and trash. Chances are you'll end up donating or throwing away most of the things. Keep in mind if you haven;t used something in the past three months, you probably never will. The problem is thinking you will and ending up hoarding these things for longer periods of time which takes up so much space.



  1. Having a proper storage system is such a great idea! It helps you organise more efficiently as well as focus on the things you absolutely need to keep. Labels are a bonus to help you find the things you've stored faster with minimal fuss and scavenging.


  1. Ask yourself important questions before any purchases like if you'll use it, why you need it and if its worth it. Chances are you don't which in turns helps you save quite a bit too. Your home and wallet will thank you for it!


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