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Doctor Strange 2: Why Didn’t Wanda Just Make New Magic Children?

Major spoilers to follow.

Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch
Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch

It has to be said: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness left us with more maddening questions than rigid answers in many ways. The film’s sheer tenacity to attempt to distract from the film’s otherwise gaping plot holes with action sequence after action sequence became quite a chore by the end of the movie. One such sizeable plot hole that went unaddressed was the matter regarding Wanda’s children, and why she chose not to create new ones.

After all, as she openly uttered, “all children are made by magic”. It would seem that by understanding that very statement in itself, the Scarlet Witch, now with the power of the Darkhold by her side, could very easily create her twin children and be at peace. But, of course, then there would be no movie to be made.

Instead of Wanda simply using magic once more to conjure herself her children, she chooses to go on this convoluted plan of trying to capture America Chavez, killing many innocent civilians and sorcerers in the process.


To break down Wanda’s ridiculous plan: The Scarlet Witch intends to kidnap America Chavez in order to drain her of her multiverse-punching ability, killing Chavez in the process. Then, Wanda intends to punch her way into another alternate universe where her kids are alive and become their mom, ultimately killing that universe’s Wanda in the process of doing so.

We are not going to lie: Wanda’s plan is so incredibly convoluted that we even had a hard time trying to map it out logically.

Sure, there are those of you out there who might argue that the reason the Scarlet Witch is going on a murderous rampage to get what she wants is simply because of her prolonged exposure to the Darkhold. While this could certainly be a valid explanation for Wanda Maximoff’s cold-blooded behavior in the film, there is no scene or line of dialogue that explains to the audience that this is what is taking place. What this simply means is that this point is moot and exists only in the headcanon of diehard Marvel fans.

It is, therefore, quite clear that the writers did not properly address this issue in the writers’ room before the script was greenlit. There are certainly many ways that the writing team could have added in a throwaway line of dialogue that the Scarlet Witch was not that powerful enough to recreate her children once more or that it could have simply been too painful for her to try to do so without the existence of Vision. Or, it could simply be a throwaway line of dialogue about the trauma she faced after what she did to the people of Westview.

Or, perhaps, it was merely a gaping plothole that the writing team magically hoped we would not be able to see.

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