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Creative Coat Racks

I'll be the first to admit that in terms of design and aesthetic appeal, I've taken my coat rack for granted. Yes, as dramatic as that sounds, we often overlook these little things that actual play a huge role in our daily lives. Recently my coat rack broke, which is what brought on this whole revelation to begin with. I had to have it replaced and I did some research to see what designs, concepts and ideas where out there. It took me by surprise at how many amazingly creative coat racks there were and how I've been missing out on adding an essential aesthetic piece to my home decor. Here are some creative coat racks that will make you rethink the one you have now!

Nature is one of the greatest inspiration for the designers, and there's no surprises why. Mother Nature has provided some of the most exquisite designs that are both beautiful and functional. This coat rack made from a tree is no exception. With its standard feature and structure of a tree, refined and polished to make it more design decor friendly, it's a gorgeous addition to any home. I love how the branches are not perfectly even and add a touch of style to the whole piece.

Ladders as coat racks have been trending for a while now and I doubt the trend is about to end any time soon. From normal wooden styled ones, to custom made pipe designed ones, the choices are endless and simple but oh so effective. It is perfect for any home that wants an instant upgrade in terms of aesthetics without having to pay too much.

This is such an amazing idea, I'm pretty mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner! A wooden panel that enables you to pull out the handle for hanging when in use and to push it back in when not in use is perfect for neat freaks and designer lovers alike. The concept is such a simple yet great one that is so creative.


Give new life to old toys by using them as coat hangers. How cute is this dinosaur idea using plastic toys to create it! All you need is a sturdy pack of toys, a wooden panel and a hot glue gun to make your own. Do keep in mind it may not be as sturdy unless it's drilled in and it probably can't be used to hang heavier materials. Definitely something both kids and adults would find really fascinating.

This mountain range coat rack hook is a visual treat! It's basically a wooden art piece that doubles as a coat rack and I'm all for it. It looks like a regular artistic wall decor until it's used to hang stuff on. When style and substance collide, this is what it looks like.

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