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Cool Mommy Collaboration


Kids today are definitely more exposed and have a wide view of the world today than we did in our day - all thanks to technology. But, let’s keep the iEverything away every now and then, shall we?

These DIY ideas help your kids bust boredom in clever, colourful ways! So, get your chalks, sponges, tissue rolls and more ready.



Your kids are going to love veggies more than ever. Stamp plain tees, aprons and other clothing items with vegetables or fruits to create shapes. If it’s her first year in pre-school, stamp designs on white canvas school shoes. You can do it on bags too! Remember to dry your veggie or fruit before you go stamping away. If fruit is not dry, you’ll end up having pulp and water residue on your chosen canvas. And, use thick paint so that the colours pop.



This was a major hit at my son’s/daughter’s classmate’s birthday party. It even caught me by surprise. Each parent was asked to bring a salad spinner. This idea was just genius! Take a look at the video below from Good Housekeeping.



You’ll be amazed at how your child’s imagination works when creating a little green world of their own. Also, gardening with your kids teaches patience. You’ll need a planter or a pot (whichever size you decide with your kid), dirt, flowers, moss, rocks, a little bird house and planting tools suited to your kid’s wee little stature. Make sure your kid is with you in making all decisions. This is a growth experience for everyone.



I love doing this with my child. It’s now a way for our family to communicate with each other. Especially on days when we have a little tiff. Sometimes it’s hard for your child to communicate his feelings. I find this really helpful especially if you’re a working mum. Create the book together using white cardstock paper, metal book rings and a hole puncher. Just keep these supplies ready for your child to use: stickers, google eyes and marker pens.



You can find a lot of tutorials on this online. If you have time, you can create this I-Spy bag from scratch by sewing a bag of your own. If not, get a pencil case with a transparent front and fil lit up with polly pellets. Then, fill it in with random little objects like buttons, coins and beads - about 25 pieces or more. Zip it up and go crazy with a hot glue gun. You don’t want to create a mess or endanger the younger kids. Remember to take a picture of all the objects you put in along with a typed out list.



This is crazy easy to make asit requires only two ingredients: frosting and powdered sugar. And, because itis edible, toddlers can join in the fun too! Just include some cookie cutters for fun shapes and other play dough toys on hand. Just keep an eye on your toddler every now and then. This is practically made of sugar, so you don’t want your little one eating everything up.



I’ve been a fan of melted crayon art forever! All you need are crayons, paper and a warming tray. If you don’t have access to a warming tray, you can still do this on a cookie sheet. You can help your child create awe-some stained glass art for his room. Get full tutorial instructions here.



Two words: washi tape. And loads of it. I got this brilliant idea from Juliette’s Garden. Create a whole track for your kid (and his friends, if they do come over) to“drive” his cars. Create a car park so he knows where to put them after he’s done playing with them. At the end of play time, you’re going to be pleased to find these mini toys parked within the car track vicinity rather than stepping on them on the way to the laundry room.



Your little Beethoven can begin his musical journey right at home. Create this natural playground for your little one. Allow him to use his imaginations with different sounds. Nail hooks onto board and hang a different item every week. You can use items from your kitchen like a potato masher for banging, woks, cheese graters and more. Test them out yourself. Find the full instructions here.



I don’t know about you but I find my kids especially restless when it’s a rainy day. All you’ll need is plastic cups, straws, washable paint, dish detergent, water and cardstock. Voila! Your indoor-approved bubble painting fun for the little rascals. Use this art trick to create message cards from your kids to mail to grandma and grandpa.

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