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Clever Ways to Organise the Laundry Room


If I had a penny for every time I rummage through the whole family’s pockets - oh, wait plenty! I often find myself huffing and puffing finding scrunched up dollar bills and coins. With that frustration, I walk into the living room to once again, tell them to ‘check your pockets before you put them in the laundry bin.’ But let’s face it, when the lady of the house speaks it goes through one ear and comes out the other. Save your breath ladies and keep a jar in the laundry room! You’ll be surprised how much money your family’s actually saving. Either do a count at the end of the month to purchase detergents for the home or just keep on keepin’ on! Who knows how much treasure that is by the end of the year!



Every now and then, you grab a paper towel or small brush to clean the lint off the screen mesh. But what do you do with the lint then? If you fancy yourself a Sunday afternoon barbecue with the relatives, you’ll be pleased to know that lint is a fantastic firestarter! Yes, you heard right! Your laundry room may not be able to fit in a regular trash can which often times send you into a lint dilemma. That said, think wall space. Get yourself an outdoor flyer box and stick it onto the wall. It already has a lid, so you don’t have to worry about lint all around the little space.



Remember I said ‘think wall space?’ With very little space to work with, I suggest you drill in some pretty looking wall shelves to keep all baskets and detergents. This is also keeps your babies away from substances that might cause them harm. I never thought about this clever hack before but instead of constantly lifting that heavy bottle of detergent every time you load your dirty laundry machine, why not pour both liquid detergent and fabric softener into separate beverage dispensers and keep them on your wall shelf? It makes laundry time a little less laborious, don’t you think?



Put together a little stain station with all the tools and necessary information needed to remove practically every kind of stain known to man. More information on removing stains here.



This has to be my favourite laundry organising hack. I mean even after a long day from work, all I have to do is play toss. This keeps me from having to actually sit around sorting colours from whites on a Sunday morning. You can save so much more time for fun things you can actually do with the family instead of trying to get chores done during the weekend.



Find these tips helpful? Send us pictures and your own little hack you’ve created. We’d love to hear from you.

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