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Chalkboard Decor Ideas

Gone are the days where chalkboards are only used in classrooms (though I do believe most schools have upgraded to whiteboards by now). Chalkboards have taken over the decor world. I love how it has such a rustic feel, and throws me back to some fond childhood memories of using it as a canvas while I scribble away with multi-colored chalks. When chalkboards made a come back, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and began to use them in a number of home decor ideas, parties and even organising methods. Most trends come and go, but my bet is that this one is here to stay!  



Need a fresh look for an empty wall space? Try a canvas artwork. Not only will it add on to the rustic chic look, but you can customise it anytime you want! You can write quotes, or draw some art on it, too



This super cute way to organise is my favourite of all. I use this for my pantry and also craft supplies as I move the materials to different boxes from time to time. Having a chalkboard label makes it convenient because I can just erase and rewrite whenever I like. I also use it to label wine glasses, mason jars or even mugs when I have a party and guests over by writing their names on it so no one gets confused and loses their drink. For labels, the scotch tape version with a chalkboard surface works great in terms of size and requires minimal effort.  




I have lists for everything I do so having a chalkboard list in the kitchen works great for writing down the groceries I need to get. This also works for any other part of the home, making a list for youwork space, daily chores, or even the Specials of The Day’ in the kitchen! Another idea is covering your clipboard with chalkboard paint and using it for your lists. This way you can clip on your receipts, letters and bills too 


Revamp old items around the house by giving it a nice coating of chalkboard paint and then creating artwork over them. The matte black of the chalkboard paint is a great canvas for not only using chalk but also for acrylic paint and metallic markers too.  


Here's a great way to make a plain feature wall functional and fun! Especially if you have kids, this wall could turn into a fun afternoon activity that will encourage creative stimulation as they can doodle on a huge canvas. It also works as a great background and backdrop for pictures. A friend of mine once used it as a backdrop for her wedding photobooth and it was completely adorable as they customised to their theme and it looked fantastic. 

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