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BvS: That Awesome Warehouse Fight Sequence

Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman BvS
Batman, seen here fending off multiple attackers simultaneously

Arguably one of the most polarizing superhero action films in recent times, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or most commonly referred to as BvS, single-handedly created a giant chasm between critics and fans’ reception towards the film.

Despite what was most certainly concluded as a flawed movie overall, although the Ultimate Edition was noted to be a far more palatable experience of the film, there were a handful of moments peppered throughout its enormous runtime that audiences would definitely find memorably entertaining.

One of those said moments, ostensibly the greatest of them all, is the epic, highly rewatched fight scene that unfolds in the film’s third act: Batman’s Warehouse Brawl.

Experiencing a moment of clarity, The Caped Crusader rushes off to rescue Martha Kent, who is currently being held hostage by Lex Luthor’s goons in an abandoned warehouse.

What viewers are treated to in this scene is seeing Batman at his most formidable, a terrifying, irresistible force that plows through the baddies in order to save the innocent, unfazed by the prospect of having to face off against two dozen enemies to achieve his objective.

And then there is the excellent fight choreography, brutal yet loaded with ingenuity, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Arkham series of video games as we witness The Dark Knight utilizing the various tricks, gadgetry, and environmental paraphernalia to dispatch his foes as speedily as he can. 

Lastly, this scene marks the first time in any live-action Batman adaptation that we are presented with the hero fending off multiple assailants at the same time. Prior to this, previous incarnations of the Batman often fought in isolated closed-fisted combat, and while these scenes may have been entertaining in their own right, looking back, they evidently pale in comparison to beholding Batman’s takedown of multiple baddies at the same time.

That is why the warehouse fight sequence is a memorable one, as not only does it showcase one of the best moments in the film itself, but is also a strong contender for the greatest live-action Batman fight scene to date.


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