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Boho Decor Pieces You Didn't Know You Wanted Until Now

Call it what you may, but we all have a little bit of a gypsy soul embedded in us. For me, it unleashes when I stumble upon unique and beautiful bohemian inspired decor pieces I can use for the home. Boho decor usually comes with a sense of style and purpose behind it, making it more of a work of art than just a simple piece to decorate the home with. There's so many types of bohemian decor that always takes centre stage but here's a few you probably haven't seen (and if you have, good on you!) that you didn't know you needed or wanted until now.



Mandalas are always a great addition to any home. Not only does the geometric shapes turn into a stunning design, but it gives you a sense of calm and zen. From wall art to drawings, I completely love that this stencilled piece is on the wooden floor, giving the floor the space to be the centre of attention. Easy to create and makes a huge impact, that's my kind of decor!



Speaking of mandalas, how about having it projected by light all over your space, as it moves and dances according to the weather and conditions? This plain white lantern covered in crocheted mandala inspired lacework is such a great idea! It not only gives you sufficient lighting, it also enables you to have a unique pattern display on your walls. Kind of like a shadow show, but with a classy more bohemian feel to it all.



Mix and matched candles on a tray is always a great idea! Not only can you play around with the colour palettes to create your own design, the scents you can pick and choose from as well is in the hundreds. Mixing scents like sage and lemongrass not only makes the whole home smell amazing but also helps with calming your nervous and making you feel relaxed. Aesthethically pleasing and spiritually healing? I'm sold!



There's something very whimsical and beautiful about macrame pieces. Let's start off with the fact that its a work of art that takes immense amount of skill and time to master (I would know, I've attempted to make my own macrame piece before and it was no easy feat!). It's very commonly used as wall hangings, but this partition using macrame really upgrades the whole boho chic decor game. You can even combine different types of macrame knotting techniques to create more texture and depth.



Baskets are no longer for storage but make really great wall decorative pieces! This collage of woven baskets just proves it! With a large range of designs and similar colour tones, it's easy to create a really creative home decor style. From bamboo to rattan and even plastic, the options are endless.

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