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Beautiful Bed Headboard Ideas

My bedroom is my sanctuary and I'm sure it is for so many of you too. The bed of course is the heart of any bedroom. It's a personal space where you rest your mind and body at night, a place you wake up to start the new day fresh, where you cuddle with a partner while reading a good book or watching a movie, and personally for me, a place I get my well deserved (if I do say so myself) alone time to bask in my thoughts, pen down ideas and get the creative juices flowing. The easiest way to give your bed a facelift is by changing the sheets but the most underrated part of the bed that definitely creates a huge impact is the headboard. Giving the bed a sense of style and personal touch, the headboard transforms the bed (and entire room!) to create an atmosphere that's completely yours.  

While I was hunting high and low for one that fit the bill for my room (and I constantly change when I feel like I need a new 'vibe') here are a few that got me inspired:  

How dreamy is this piece? It takes you away to a tropical place that begs for relaxation, serenity and beauty. Carved wood as a headboard is a gorgeous way to add character to the bed. It can be classic brown wood or even painted to match the colour and tones of your room. Either way, it definitely makes an impact. For a cheaper alternative that not only costs less but is also lighter in weight, opt for laser cut wood which can also create a similar look.  

Unleash your inner bohemian chic by using driftwood and lace dreamcatchers as a headboard. It has a flowy, whimsical look that is also rustic. These are also easy to make on your own, and could be a fun project to test out your creativity and DIY skills. All you need is a sturdy piece of wood that can be nailed against the wall, hoops for the circle, add on lace for the centre and ribbons to hang from it. The best part? It can be done with different styles and colours

Rustic headboards are my personal favourite, especially the kind that requires minimal effort and create a huge impact. Using wooden panels and painting them in ombre gradient tones is a brilliant idea for a headboard. Easy, minimal, affordable and look amazing. The best part of painting the panels in ombre only requires two colours of paint. Your main colour, which in this case is a beautiful shade of teal and white to mix it with as you go along. 

There are no two ways about it: fairy lights make any place feel like magic. The warm coloured ones are my favourite, and when strung properly make a really nice headboard alternative. Not only does it serve the purpose of keeping your room cozy, it lights it up with a calming effect that helps you relax and unwind. 

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