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Batgirl: First Look At Leslie Grace's Costume In The Movie

A spoiler-free discussion.

First look at Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl in full costumeFirst look at Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl in full costume

When it comes to the translation of a superhero’s costume from the pages of the comic book to the live-action screen, there are undoubtedly going to be a handful of caveats to be mindful of where adaptation is concerned. In general, western comic books are often filled with vibrantly colored characters punching and kicking their way through baddies and feature backdrops that evoke the sense of watching a Saturday morning cartoon within the pages of the said comic book that is being read.

Therefore, the mere idea of treading the path of having a complete, comic-accurate costume materialized in live-action format can prove quite detrimental to the film or shows’ performance as it can at times appear cheap or garish to the point that it may never be taken seriously by the audience members that tune in to watch the film or show.

However, there are certainly exceptions to this rule, such as with the recent release of a still from HBO MAX’s Batgirl, showcasing actress Leslie Grace in her full Batgirl garb.

As avid fans of the character ourselves, we can certainly say that the choice of utilizing a one hundred percent comic-accurate costume has indeed paid off. Based on the highly-acclaimed Batgirl of Burnside story arc from the comic, the batsuit donned by Barbara Gordon features a bold combination of purple and yellow, a color pallet that could otherwise generate some hesitation from the costume department if not handled accordingly.

While other members of the Bat Family often sport much darker-themed costumes throughout the comics and live-action adaptations, the Batgirl outfit has always been seen as the odd one out of the bunch with its purposeful need to be sans the usage of black. This unique choice of design thus gives Batgirl her own identity and separates Barbara Gordon from being yet another member of the ever-growing Bat Family, allowing the character to forge her own path and become a memorable version of the character that modern audiences are looking for. We strongly believe that this is the production team’s intention where costume design is concerned, by allowing Leslie Grace’s portrayal to be its own thing rather than part of a larger interconnected series of films.

After all, the last time audiences had the chance to witness an iteration of the Batgirl on screen was with Alicia Silverstone’s portrayal of the character in the much-maligned 1997 Batman and Robin film, where the superhero’s costume was a mix of black with silver highlights, making for an unmemorable experience of the character’s introduction overall, a fact that can also be attributed to the abysmal quality of the movie itself.

Therefore, with all that being said, the bold choice opted by the production team behind HBO MAX’s Batgirl is, in fact, generating some positive buzz from fans of the character, and though the film is still in its production stage at the time of writing, we can certainly say that we, as fans, are quite excited to witness this “new” interpretation of the character once the film is released to stream.



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