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A Wild & Wonderful Appetite

Who and what the heck is La DoubleJ all about? Well, everything really. The J.J. Martin’s Milanese line is the go-to for the new wave of Italian prints. Her aesthetic speaks...No. SCREAMS MAXIMALIST. And now you don’t just wear it, you can eat on it. That’s right, like other designers before him, he’s taking it where the magic happens: the kitchen.

The collection of tableware is officially called La DoubleJ Housewives. The name itself brings forth images of Italian women in the 70s serving up a big ol’ bowl of pasta and delicious risotto to their family, don’t it? The plates are a collaboration with Bitossi Home while the linens manufactured are in conjunction with Mascioni. Both Bitossi and Mascioni are experts in their respective lines; and both companies have been operating in Italy since the 1950s. Its’s no wonder travel enthusiast, J.J. Martin trusted them to be a part of creating this line of tableware.

You’ll have a festive kitchen with the cacophony of exploding colours. Turn Your Kitchen Into A Fiesta!

Vogue writes, “On a porcelain and gold-trimmed plate, there’s a rosy peacock illustration from the 18th century. On some linens, there’s a kaleidoscopic print from the archives of the Zurich-based Abraham company. These are, of course, just two examples of the motifs utilized. But they illuminate how the thread here is not so much Italian design, but rather, a rich survey of vintage images. Unsurprising, however, considering that Martin’s line of clothing so often draws upon vintage styles. And now, as La DoubleJ said, “you can have your cake plate and wear it, too.”

Source: Vogue

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