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5 Gorgeous Beach House Interiors

The image that comes to my mind when I think “beach house” is a house by the ocean, natural sunshine, calming sounds of the sea lapping at the sand, never-ending blue skies and the joyful laughs of my beautiful kids. Ah such bliss! The palette of this coastal style is inspired from sand, shells and, of course, sea and sky. It feels like summer (my favourite time of the year!) all year long.

Coastal style is all about creating a relaxing, fresh and light-hearted atmosphere indoors. Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, enhance the natural beauty of your home with crisp white, splashes of bold blue tones, and sea-themed accents. And here's 5 top picks of beach house interiors for you to get inspired on!


A collaboration between decorator Michael S. Smith and Dennis Rupert of HBRA Architects revamped a former boathouse on the shore of Wisconsin’s Geneva Lake. I just absolutely love the two pairs of vintage Italian armchairs in cherrywood which complements the whole interior. You can also opt for furniture pieces in a variety of aqua hues that reflects the colours of the sea.


Skylights in vaulted ceilings brighten the living room of this Hugh Newell Jacobsen–designed residence. To make your space feel roomier and breezy, install tall glass windows as opposed to window height or glass sliding doors. For some extra lighting with a chic, country twist, decorating with floor lamps, a piece of tan leather statement furniture and neutral tones. 


Picnic baskets, always evoke memories of warm summer beach picnics in the outdoors for me. But don't worry if you're not a fan of them. You can opt for rattan furnitures then! Create visual interest by adding contracting wood details, like these rattan chairs, the chic table and the pinewood armchairs.


This coral inspired space has a beachy, barefoot quality—underscored by those nautical accent folded sling chairs with pink and white indigo textiles, to the two pieces of statement vintage seats. If you're not a sucker for blue when it comes to beach inspired interiors, then this coral pink is the way to go!


From its striped rugs to the Victorian mirror, this whimsical interior belongs in a breezy summer home with its bright colorful colors and vintage touches. 

So here's to a dream of a beach house till I work it and make this summery dream into reality. For now, I'll settle for a cozy little nook where I can still enjoy a good book on a lazy Sunday.

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