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30-Days To A Clutter-Free Home: Part 1

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Are you the type to spend your whole day on Pinterest staring at pictures of pristine minimalistic homes and thinking that your home could never be that way? Do you want to declutter your home but don’t know where to start? Well, chin up and think again! It could work!  Welcome to the 30 Day Clutter Free Home Challenge by Kismet! You may feel like it's too much of a challenge now but I promise, 30 days really can turn your whole life around.

The 30 Day Clutter Free Home Challenge is all about clearing out clutter from your home and your life (yes, removing all the toxic people around you too!). It is not about organizing everything perfectly and tidying out every nook of your home. The aim is to make huge invasions into clutter in a short time and set you up for a neat, organised clutter free home. There will be some real challenging days but it shouldn’t take you too much time to do the challenges each day. It is aimed to be achievable, practical and effective. 

Keep in mind to be merciless. Be fearless and audacious! Do not try to hold on to your clutter! Purge out as much clutter from your home as you can!


Living Room

Day 1: Mantel

We're going to start with the living room, as it is one of the most important focal point in the house and it's the first thing your family and guests see. A fireplace is not exactly lovely when it's covered in clutter and junk. It takes away the beauty of a warm, blazing fire! So if your mantel is a dumping ground for spare change, DVDs, flyers you've picked up or opened and unopened mail and other clutter-ish items that don't belong, get yourself a big plastic bag and voila! Problem solved. 

Day 2: Bookshelves

Bookshelves are great for displaying and flourishing your interest in literature, art, accent decor, lovely family pictures and more. But they always become the breeding ground for extra clutter whenever there's a blank spot. Clutters like keys, receipts from the grocery you went to two years ago, scratch tickets maybe and also random knick knacks that makes them look less attractive. Give your bookshelves a scan to see if there's anything that doesn't belong. Then re-position the items so it looks wanton, not chaotic.

Day 3: Storage Furniture 
Go through your console table in the living room. You will not only see your TV and radio consoles, but also other stuffs that will make you wish you have a trash bag in hand (you will understand if you have kids) and if you do have one, lucky you!



Day 4:  Entryway/Mudroom 

This is the place where you welcome your family members and also your guests and first impression matters. A lot. Check the entrances to your house for out-of-place clutter. Kids kick off shoes with mud, soil, and all the other bacteria they picked up from the outer world and drop bags and coats; adults leave house keys, car keys, scarfs, hats and mail. Set up a system for stuff that should be there (like hanging hooks or a coat rack or shoe cubbies) and ingrain habits to keep the space clear otherwise, if the system doesn't work.


Day 5: Coat Closet

Coat closets often become hiding places for more than just winter jackets. For examples caps or scarfs from long forgotten guests. See what's been concealed in its depths that belongs somewhere else and what you can pull out to donate or toss.



Day 6: Medicine Cabinet

Chuck expired medications, hotel shampoos that you've "stolen" yet have never ever used it, and throw out lotions you've had since 1989 which have probably became ultra watery lotion by now. While you're at it, give the dusty, gross splattered with a lot of gross stuffs mirror a quick wipe, too.

Day 7: Shower 

Get rid of the shower and conditioner containers in your shower. Invest in a shower caddy (I have one and honestly, it's a life saver - please get yourself one too) to keep everything efficient, neat and in one spot.

Day 8: Bathroom Drawer/Bag 

Go through your makeup bag or drawer and re-evaluate some of the items. Neon green eye shadow that has since died in 1972? Chuck! Broken lipsticks that with textures that doesn't seem quite right anymore? Toss! Make ups and face care has expire dates and if you haven't used it in a year, please don't get it anywhere near your face and know that it's time to trash it.

Day 9: Linen Closet

Over time and I actually mean all the time, those neatly stacked bundle of fluffy towels start to transpose and folded linen sheets in some way always seem to end up somewhere on the floor. And why are your kiddo's' toy cars and coloring pencils in there, anyway? Appraise what's in your linen closet, sort out what you want and contemplate donating items you haven't used in more than a year to charity - usable and safe items, I mean.





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